Steps on Choosing Cabinet Hinges

Choosing hinges for cabinets might seem easy. However, because of many choices it will be hard for you to decide on which to pick amongst all the others. Hinges are important not only because of its appearance but most importantly because it can affect on how your cabinets and doors function. Choosing wrong hinges might be hard for you to open and close your cabinet doors. It is the reason why we listed below the steps on how to choose hinges that are perfect for your cabinet.

  • Identify the type of cabinet

There are different types of cabinet that are used built inside your home. It may be a kitchen cabinet, wardrobe cabinet, or just a simple cabinet for extra storage. Each of these cabinets need cabinet hinges to make sure it is secured and makes it easier for you to use it. There are two basic types of cabinets including frameless cabinets and face-frame cabinets. The two types have corresponding cabinet hinges. For frameless cabinets that are made out of four-sided box, the cabinet hinges must be attached inside it while the cabinet hinges for face-frame cabinets are attached to the face or edge of the case. Identifying the type of cabinet that you have will help you throughout the process of choosing cabinet hinges.

  • Determine door overlay

Even you already identified the type of cabinet that you use; you must also determine your door overlay. The cabinet hinge also depends on the door overlay meaning the position of the door when you are opening the cabinet. There are three overlay types for frameless cabinets including inset, full overlay, and half-overlay. For frameless cabinets with inset door overlay, the opening and sit flush fits with the front edge of the cabinetry. While the full overlay covers almost all the front edge of the cabinet. The half overlay only covers the half of the wall and is commonly used in the middle of a run of cabinets.

On the other hand, the types of overlay for face frame cabinets also consist of three types including inset doors, overlay doors, and partial inset. These types also need different cabinet hinge Singapore.  Inset doors for face frame cabinets fit with the entire cabinet opening and sit flush when the cabinet is closed. The overlay doors can open the cabinet completely and might overlap the cabinet case. The partial inset overlap the cabinet and slightly open to all sides.

  • Pick your hinge

Now is the time to choose wardrobe or kitchen cabinet hinges. Although this is considered as the last step, there are still other factors to consider and decided on. You must think if you want to choose cabinet hinge that are concealed, semi-concealed, or exposed. You must also want to choose whether to go for the traditional ones of the European cabinet hinge. Other things to be decided upon is how far you want your cabinet doors to open, if there special features that you wanted, and how do you want to mount the cabinet hinges.

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