Why Supporting Researchers Is Essential

With all the different research we read online or perhaps, in the archived area of your school’s library, information we read from various sources sometimes appear to be contradictory. The question of whether researchers should always be supported is such an important question to ask.

“There was one research that tried to prove that you need 8 hours of sleep—and then comes another groundbreaking study claiming that the result of their longitudinal study showed that not everyone needs 8 hours to be fully rested. I mean, don’t you find it exhausting to always be proven wrong? And the confusion can lead to varied reactions—which makes us so divided in the long run. For instance, studies showing that legalizing divorce is good for a country versus another study showing how a broken family can lead to serious problems of the offspring later in life will make you think, long and hard, about what is really the truth. So, should married couple stick to their vow regardless of the degree of their marital problem or should they break it off when constant fight hit the relationship? I mean, these things may seem small scale, but when added together, they actually affect society as a whole. So, yes. Findings and showing implications of research do have influence on the way we judge things,” shared Amiel, 38, a researcher on family development. 

Carissa Mae, 25, shared how getting a couple of government research grants helped her in carrying out a study about air pollution in first world countries, “ I applaud countries who support researchers like me because it means that they believe that through valuable research, we can improve and investigate as a nation. I also read that some countries like Singapore and Israel are very much generous in giving sme grants over the years, and that move has been very beneficial to the economy of the nation. If a country is pro-development, then supporting researchers and their research will soon be an advantage to the nation.”

Sandra, 41, a university professor and a researcher shared that researchers must be truthful and critical, “No faking of findings, or else, nothing you wrote will ever be truly noble and essential. When there are facts, they need to be assessed with an objective eye. The problem with some researchers is that they think they can manipulate results, but that sets a good researcher apart from the mere dilettantes. A good researcher will always find a way not to be biased. He or she will always look into different aspects before making any unnecessary assumptions. And it is through noble research that the community benefits tremendously.”

“We discovered that man can travel to the moon because scientists did their research. We were able to discover the power of social networking also because some people started the idea and went on to doing research. If anything, everything can be traced back to good research. Innovations and all these technological advancement we have seen in recent years are all products of research,” said Clayton, 50, an anthropologist.

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