The Best Facial Treatment in Singapore

Most people value their looks over anything. As we get older more people and more people become extra sensitive with what is going on with their body. Gone are the days where people don’t seem to care on what look like to others. With the latest technology in cosmetics and dermatology, anything is possible in achieving that perfect look.

Facial treatment in Singapore have been a trend for skin care for more than a decade now. Aside from the cleaning, toning and moisturising your face religiously, Singaporeans are now asking for more treatments for retain their ageless and youthful look. There are now different types of Facial Treatments in Singapore which are available for everyone.

To avoid an aging image, there facial treatments like the Ultimate Caviar Facial Treatment. With the use of caviar products it will help you skin increase moisture thus keeping your face hydrated and youthful. It includes a glycolic exfoliation, a lifting face massage and a protein-rich energy sheet application.

Another is the Ekia Age-less Beauty Facial Treatment. Using organic ingredients to heal and nourish the skin, this facial treatment is dedicated to reduce pigment spots, refine your skin’s texture making it finer and smoother than before.

For those who have sensitive and stressed skin, there is still hope. Facial treatments like the Sensitive and Soothing Facial Treatment are good for those who have sensitive skin due to weather conditions. Using a lymphatic drainage massage, it helps detoxify the skin to give it a soothing feel.

For skin that’s in dire need of re-hydration there’s Face Bistro’s Hyalurone Hydrating Moisture Facial. They mainly use watercress extract that improves skin elasticity, Skinperfectsphere Hyaloadvance serum that extracts dead cells, and a hydrating face mask enriched with Propolis. This then soothes and further moisturizes the skin.

There is also a Deep Cleansing Facial Treatment for those who have dull and pale skin. Using a clay peel for exfoliation, then a 10-minute aloe vera gel combined with a unique massage technique, soon after a 15-minute deep-cleansing face mask, it will help stimulate circulation in cleansing and healing the skin.

These are just some of the different facial treatments available in Singapore. There are other facial treatments in Singapore which cater to different types of skin. These facial treatments have a reasonable price range and are adjusted based on the customers’ preference. So now you don’t have a reason not to treat yourself in achieving that youthful and fresh look that you’ve always been dreaming of.

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