Things To Know Before Making Esports Predictions

When you’re betting, always expect the unexpected, especially if it’s an esports tournament with two rival teams. Each tournament and match is different from the ones before, the game modes improve because of the ever-changing technology. Therefore, you need to have an advantage on interpreting data and making esports predictions. Don’t worry. Our research, analysis, and justification are fail-proof and will help you find good betting opportunities. We know how hard it is to predict the outcome of a match, but we’ll make interpreting easy for you using these information so you can always stay confident with your betting predictions:

Esports Betting Market

Each bookmaker is unique, and they offer different betting markets for League of Legends, Overwatch, DotA 2, and CSGO. The functionality of your bookmaker is will affect your betting experience. You can earn more Bitcoins if your bookmaker is as effective as your esports betting predictions. Choose wisely and make sure you consider these criteria: selection of esports tournaments and leagues, bonuses and promotions, gambling licenses.

Exotic Bet Types

For more chances of winning, try exploring more types of bet. Trying out different bet types can increase and maximize your winnings. There are different types of bets you can try for different matches: first blood, handicap, totals, over/under, or futures betting.

Favorites And Underdogs

Try to avoid favoritism. Avoid joining the bandwagon, so you’ll have more payouts in return. Your loyalty can harm you when betting. Lay your options on the table. Look away from your favored team for a minute, and assess the strengths of the underdog.

Betting Odds

Predictions are calculated using data and statistics. Studying odds conversion can be your edge among other bettors, especially if the market covers decimal odds and fractional odds. Research, read, and analyze the information at hand. It’s important that you have all the useful data for esports predictions.

How Could I Turn My Predictions To Bitcoins?

If you really want to invest in Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, or other cryptocurrencies to make money from esports betting, make it a hobby to remind yourself that despite having digital currency, you’re still gambling with real money. Don’t just have fun, take on the next level of money-making. Use all the information we’ve given you about esports betting predictions and only risk what you’re willing to lose. Interpret the outcome and protect what you have. Avoid chasing after your losses, and start achieving consistent wins.

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