Tips And Tricks In Making DotA 2 Predictions

The esports industry have been around for nearly a decade, penetrating Singapore and other parts of Southeast Asia. But people, especially bettors, are raving about it as if it’s the current big thing. DotA 2, specifically, is capturing the hearts of millions of bettors because of its competitive odds and markets. With this hype, people are always on the hunt for accurate DotA 2 predictions. But it’s not easy to come up with one, isn’t? To help you, we took the liberty to compile all the effective tips and tricks in making accurate betting predictions. Read on below and bet on the upcoming MDL Disneyland Paris and the most anticipated The International 9.

Know The Game Inside and Out

You need to learn the ropes around DotA 2 if you want to accurately make DotA 2 betting predictions. If you’re already a gamer and can observe what’s happening during the matches, then you’re good to go. But remember that the betting world is still complicated. So you still need to know how the odds work, and how bookmakers come up with the odds presented to you. It’s important to have a comprehensive knowledge about the game and the betting rules.

Rely On Tipsters and Forecasters

A reliable tipster can help you, but a group of tipsters and forecasters combined can ultimately give you the most accurate set of DotA 2 predictions. Still in doubt? Remember that these are professional esports enthusiasts, so your bet is safe with them. If you’re still a newbie, it doesn’t hurt to seek out tipsters to help you and guide you on your betting journey. They will give you analysis and statistics, as well as betting odds and tips. Just make sure that you’ve chosen a reliable tipster with a good and accurate track records. Tipping sites often have leaderboards that shows the profile of the tipsters, including the matches they’ve successfully predicted.

Remove All Biases
For more chances of winning, avoid the betting favorites and remove all your personal biases towards your personal favorites. You will never make accurate DotA 2 betting predictions if you will always rely on your personal favorites. We do not advise you to completely ignore them, but avoid them from time to time if you think the underdog has an edge. Loyalty is a good core value, but do not use it when betting. Look away from your favored team for a minute, and assess the capabilities of the underdog.

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