Tips for Comparing Customized Jersey Singapore Printing Companies

custom sports jersey

Looking for a jersey printing company in Singapore?

Be sure to check the company portfolio before initiating a transaction. You’d want a printer that offers a wide range of output and available services. But overall, it depends on printing projects you’re looking to complete in the future.

If you see yourself printing more than just sports jersey in the future, then it would be great to work with a company capable of delivering these products. Future printing jobs would be more manageable if you’d be able to maintain close relations with the professional printer.

Here are more tips when comparing customized jersey Singapore companies.

Don’t be afraid to inquire.

Begin your search online, starting with the company website. In case you have questions whose answers to are not available on the site, make sure to get in touch with the customer support staff.

Even if you are still not deciding about getting the team to print your basketball jersey for instance, you’d want to know early on if they are easy to talk to.

Also, printing companies would be more than happy to assist you and grateful as well if you’ve just raised an important concern they have overlooked.

Check out testimonials.

Just because a feedback is positive doesn’t mean you should trust the basketball jersey printing Singapore company immediately.


Look out for reviews that offer more insights to the quality of work the printing company delivers. It’s easy to say that the company offers quality service. However, you’d want to know what makes the team outstanding according to personal experiences of their previous clients.


It is only expected of the company to talk about their advantages or credentials but it’s a lot different still hearing from customers.


Look out for affordable price range.

Find a printing company that caters to the price range you can afford. You need not go beyond your budget for your jersey prints.


An experienced printer can walk you through available cheap jersey printing choices so you could produce the shirts you need without compromising on quality.


Find a product that you like from the website, get in touch with the team, discuss your design options with the inhouse designer and request for a quote. In this regard, you might want to ensure that the company accepts orders of all quantities.


Make sure the company is experienced in various printing techniques.

Dye printing, heat transfer vinyl press, direct to garment printing – these are examples of techniques used by printing companies.


You’d most likely enjoy the best printing experience possible from a company specialising in various printing techniques. This is especially the case if your artwork has intricate details. You can have more peace of mind that the company knows very well how to best approach the job.


By inquiring about the range of services offered by the team, you’d also be able to set your expectations accordingly. Taking your research further to social networks can also provide you with more details about the company.


If the company exerts effort attending local print fairs or seminars, and in improving their knowledge and skills on the printing industry, then you’re off to a good start. This is a sign the company is always after the best possible results for their clients.

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