Top 10 Medical Handy Medical Equipment in Singapore

A long time ago, physicians and first aid responders had very few choices of handy first aid and medical equipment to conduct a first aid or emergency response. So you can imagine how hard it was for medical practitioners to conduct a proper action in case an unwanted incident happens.

This common problem from decades ago has already changed today with the evolution of first aid boxes and first aid kits. Now, trained individuals and medical practitioners can perform first aid and emergency response with the help different handy medical equipment and items ready for any unwanted occurrence.

Also, everyone can buy the necessary medical equipment with online shopping websites ready to serve anyone who wants to have a handy medical item for emergency use.

With all the medical advances, here are the top 10 medical equipment you can buy at your trusted medical equipment supplier in Singapore:

  1. Medical Gauze

Essential for wrapping a wound while putting pressure on the affected area at the same time. Gauze or gauze rolls are inexpensive and versatile enough for any first aid situation.

  1. Bandages

This is one of the primary necessities of a complete medical equipment or first aid kit. If you are a medical practitioner, you need to have bandages inside your first aid box or cabinet.

  1. Medical gloves (Non-latex)

You have to use a medical glove, free of of any latex material content, in order to safely prevent the spread of any bloodborne pathogens.

  1. Tape or medical tape

This first aid item can come in handy for many different situations and for different things. The primary use, though, is to adhere gauze to a wound.

  1. Antiseptic hand sanitizer

You are always exposed to harmful bacteria and germs. You use your hands every time so you are prone to any kind of bacterial infection, thus a handy antiseptic hand sanitizer is a must have medical equipment. The sanitizer helps eliminate germs that have been transferred to the skin.

  1. Alcohol swabs

Just like the sanitizer, these are essential in order to clean the infected or wounded area before an antibiotic ointment of bandages are placed on the affected area. You can also use these for sanitizing your tweezers.

  1. Thermometer

You need a thermometer to measure body temperature in order to properly conduct following medical procedure. Also, temperature is needed for a doctor to give a suitable medicine.

  1. Tweezers

This piece of medical equipment is typically used for splinter removal, if the case requires. You also need to sterilize this tool because of the sensitivity of wounds. You have to keep them separate and leave others tightly packaged until you need them. Often, having a disposable tweezers are recommended.

  1. Q-tips

If you are going to be using an ointment for a medical response, then you need to have to keep a substantial amount of q-tips in a tightly sealed bag. When you are applying an ointment, make sure to use a q-tip or a medical glove.

  1. Antibiotic ointments

Primarily used for infected or wounded area. Ointments are an option but are useful especially in some specific cases.

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