Top 10 must have in Singapore Office

There are a wide variety of office equipments that are very essential in the business. In order to run a successful business, the choice in the supplies and equipments should be taken into consideration. A more high technology equipment can be used to make work easily. Modern and high-quality office equipment creates a large impact on the productivity of the team as well as the company itself. For instance, if you chose typewriter rather than a computer, it will be more laborious because typewriters are usually used manually while computer can be automatic. In order to prevent problems like these the company should ensure the equipments and supplies to be used.

Why not try a serviced offices Singapore that provides services that allow companies to trim the usual cost of office buildings while maintaining your businesses. Here are the Top 10 must have in a Singapore office:

1. Computers

Computers was able to change the life of the business sector by the efficiency of the work they do. Emails, letters and memos can be easily send to a large number of recipients. Research are easier to do because the internet is easily accessed.

2. Papers

Paper can be used anything and anywhere because of its portability and flexibility. It is also the most used when it comes to office work. Basically, Papers are used for reports, researches, paper works, etc.

3. Printers/Scanner

Printers play a very vital role in business especially on promotions. It usually used by the marketing/advertising department to enhance publicity. From billboards, flyers, leaflets, stickers and other printed promotional materials. Scanners are also essential in offices because it can reproduce and store some important files.

4. Writing materials

Pencils, Markers, Pens, etc. these are some examples of writing materials. This is one of the basic things that is used in an office. Usually it is used in signing, writing reports, letter, memorandums, etc.


5. Sticky notes/Post its

Papers with sticky surface at its back is called Post its or Sticky notes. These are used for important instructions or important meetings. Usually it is posted on the desks or bulletin boards.

6. Large Office tables

Office tables are used by every employee or manager. It is very important in an office because this is where you put important things and place your work.

7. Stapler

It is a device that is used to compile a bundle of papers to be more organize. It usually comes with a staple remover if in case you did it wrong.

8.File cabinet 

It is a large storage of files created specially to hold stacks of paper. The papers are also organized inside every folder. The bundled folders are usually called files and it is organized by categorizing it.

9.Fax machine 

It takes the piece of paper and copies it then it send the copied image to clients with another fax machine.

10. Paper Shredder

Paper shredder is a mechanical device used to destroy papers (Strips or fine). Usually, businesses uses shredders to destroy confidential, private and sensitive documents.

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