Top 3 Metering Pump Suppliers in Singapore

Certain chemicals are highly volatile and require proper management. Accuracy is vital in handling and mixing them as one wrong calculation can end in disaster. Sure, it works in the cartoons where they just shrug it off whenever their mixtures explode in their faces. However, art doesn’t imitate real life in this matter.

That is the reason why dispensing or metering pumps are created. In order to achieve an accurate flow rate of liquids, these machines were made to move precise volumes of any kind of liquid in a specified time period. Of course, their engineers must ensure that the maximum discharge pressure, temperature ratings, and materials are compatible for any type of liquid or chemical that it will dispense.

These kinds of machines are necessary for a highly industrialized country like Singapore. With that in mind, here are the top three metering pump suppliers in Singapore:


Western Energy

Not only is it one of the trusted businesses in Singapore, but it is also a trusted brand all around the world. They offer a wide range of products and services that specialize in gas and fluid handling. They have support systems for different markets world-wide such as industrial, power generation, oil and gas, chemical and petrochemical, pharmaceutical, and shipyard / marine. One will know how trusted a company is when they have offered a lot of things throughout the years and yet still stands today. As for metering pumps, they offer a broad portfolio of pumps such as API 610 Pumps, API 685 Pumps, ANSI Pumps, Molten Salt Pumps, Large Boiler Feed Pumps and Large Water Circulating Pumps for used in the refinery, offshore, FPSO, chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, power and water industries.


For those who are in need of a more specialized touch, Unicontrols is the authorized reseller of Hibar Precision Dispensing Pumps and Filler for South East Asian countries. Started in Japan in 1976, Unicontrols specialized in manufacturing small and medium sized pressurized stainless tanks. From there, they became the leading company in fluid control equipment, materials, pumps, and dispensers. Their machines are widely used in manufacturing electronics, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and food. However, with their latest technological advancements, their products are now lending a hand in the smartphone and tablet markets.


With more than 50 years of experience and more than one million pumps installed worldwide, Watson-Marlow’s pumps are proven to deliver. Watson-Marlow Pumps Group consider themselves to be the world’s leading manufacturer of positive displacement pumps. In order to enhance their services to different industries, they have established six brands to provide for these markets. These are: Watson-Marlow Pumps for peristaltic tube pumps for pharmaceuticals and industry; Watson-Marlow Tubing for precision tubing for pumping; Bredel for heavy duty hose pumps; Alitea for unique peristaltic solutions for OEM customers; Flexicon for aseptic filling and capping systems; and MasoSine for gentle sinusoidal pumps for food, chemical and cosmetics applications.

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