Top 5 Aesthetic Clinics in Singapore

When people look in the mirror, they want to look and feel good about what they see. For others, there is a growing concern when they see wrinkles or fine lines slowly creeping around the eye and mouth areas as they age. There is absolutely nothing wrong about growing older, but both men and women still want to maintain a fresh and youthful look. Some would go as far as to undergo minor to major surgeries to augment their looks. But whatever the procedure or processes they want done, people should do it under a careful and trusted eye of a good aesthetic clinician. Here are some of the best aesthetic clinics in Singapore and the services they offer to enhance and improve problem areas.


1. Cosmopolitan Clinic/Cosmo Clinic

Located in Boat Quay, Raffles Place, Cosmopolitan Clinic deals with the A-Z of skin problems. They treat skin problems with the latest, safest and evidence-based procedures which are carried out by a team of doctors with experience in different kinds of aesthetic treatments. They treat the most common skin problem, acne, with the SpectraPeel Laser Skin Rejuvenation which uses safe photochemical superficial peeling that cleans and minimizes pores and reduce acne scars, wrinkles and fine lines. Renowned doctors in the field of skin aesthetics, Dr. Ng Wei Bunn and Dr. Alan Ho are the trusted doctors of Cosmo Clinic in Singapore.


2. CeleVenus Aesthetic & Wellness Clinic

CeleVenus can be easily found at Orchard Road in the Ngee Ann City Tower B. CeleVenus is known for their signature Sculptra (Collagen stimulation and non surgical facelift) treatment which targets shallow and deep facial wrinkles and folds through an injection technique that reinforces the skin’s collagen structure. Dr. Dylan Chau is the medical aesthetic doctor at CeleVenus who is also a Sculptra trainer for doctors.


3.  Dermacare Aesthetic & Laser Clinic

Another aesthetic clinic at Orchard Road, Dermacare specializes in a wide range of treatments including chemical peels, Botox, filler injections and laser therapy. The clinic uses Fractional CO2 laser resurfacing, the leading treatment for skin laxity, epidermal and dermal pigmentation, melasma and photo aging skin. With a fully-trained medical team, Dr. Dennis Kwan focuses on dermatological conditions with a keen interest in safe and satisfying non-invasive procedures.


4. Astique Clinic

Astique services range from laser skin treatments to non-invasive body contouring. They specialize in CoolSculpting by ZELTIQ which is a popular non-invasive procedure that slims down the body without any surgery. Other services include fillers, hair/mole/tattoo removal and even Cervical cancer vaccination. Astique’s team of doctors comprise of Dr. Matthew Yap and Dr. Jeannette Sng.


5. NeuGlow The Aesthetics Doctors

NeuGlow has several clinics around Singapore and claims to be one of the largest patient bases there. Some of their treatments that focus on the face area are Ulthera, BOTOX, Dermal & Facial fillers and MediSpa facials. They also perform cosmetic surgeries such as rhinoplasty, breast augmentation and facelift. Among the NeuGlow doctors are Dr. Gerard Tan Eng Choon, Dr. Michelle Tan Ming Ying and Dr. Liew Kou Chuen.

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