Top 5 Boutique Hotels in Singapore

If you are looking for sophistication and elegance when looking for accommodations in Singapore, one can always look for the best boutique hotels that the city has to offer. Be familiar on where these hotels are and we’re sure that you’ll have a wonderful stay while enjoying a wide-range of activities in the lion city.

The best boutique hotels usually have a few things in common – a relaxing vibe, unique room designs and utmost comfort. Compared to high-end hotels in the city, a number of boutique hotels may offer value-added amenities such as a kitchen and living room. Based on travel review websites, here are the top 5 boutique hotels in Singapore:

1 –Wangz Hotel

Wangz Hotel, located in Outram Road, is an impressive place to stay if you are looking for unique architecture and eclectic art decos. Its 41 rooms are filled with different tastes, comfortable spaces and stylish guestrooms to boot. With excellent services and said to be one of the most friendly hotels around, this hotel slash art museum is a sight to behold.

2 –Naumi hotel

Located at the heart of Singapore’s Central Business District and 20 minutes away from the Changi International Airport, Naumi Hotel is one of your best boutique hotel choices if you are staying to Singapore for Formula One, or shopping til you drop at nearby shopping centres. Although they have already been operating for seven years, their designer rooms are all modern with picturesque glamour.

3 – Forest by Wangz

Also operated by the Wangz Hotel Group, this is one of the best boutique hotels you can find that’s close to the MRT, which is a perfect way to go around the city. Forest by Wangz has been voted by travelers as number one on Tripvisor, and is said to be a good place to stay for those who seek for romantic getaways with couples. The Forest by Wangzsuggest very natural designs which suggests various interpretations using the same name.

4 – Klapsons

If you opt to see the wondrous view of the Singapore Port and TanjongPagar residential estate, Klapsons is your best bet. Their trademark design is a mix of luxury and functionality. It’s also a great choice for events such as social engagements such as weddings and parties, and is the first boutique hotel in Singapore to offer three intimate and distinct venues for such events.

5 – Wanderlust

The Wanderlust is also considered one of the best boutique hotels for its highly experimental room designs, which can blow away any traveler from any city in the world. It’s located neatly near Little India, another great shopping destination. Some might say that it’s a bit odd to have a hotel situated in the area, but we think that it just makes the wanderlust get more attention to travelers. Be mesmerized with the rainbow like swimming pool and cozy rooms with cool, even crazy designs.

Although there are more options for accommodation when traveling in Singapore, only a few can really stand out like these boutique hotels. So go ahead and check out these worthy places and be hooked.


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