Top 5 New Home Must Haves

When moving into your new home, whether it is your first or you’re twentieth, the excitement and the fear can be quite gripping at times. There is simply so much to do, from decoration to a full re-design of the equipment provided. The task can become quite heavy, and it can also become very costly. Make sure you have the money behind you when starting so that you can pick up the appliances that you need to live.

However, there are some absolute must haves that any new home is going to need. Some appliances just cannot be left on the fringes of your wish list. We have found the five best products that any self-respecting home will have immediately high up on the wish list;

Washing Machine

You obviously need a washing machine! Right away, this should be one of the first things you buy. They might be a bit expensive and could mean you need to skip a luxury or two for a few months, they are necessary if you want to look and smell your best in public.


When you move in, you will inevitably need to find places to put all of your old things that you brought with you. Even as a new starter, you will have something to bring with you to a new house so make sure that you do just that.

You can pick up trendy and spacious storage items like cupboards that mount to the wall, or storage boxes that slide under beds, for a relative pittance at most home improvement stores like IKEA.

Tool Kit

Something you want to have covered is a tool kit. You know that if you don’t have one, inevitably something will break in the house that needs repaired. Having yourself ready for any eventuality is a great thing to have sorted upon moving on, so make sure you pick up a general purpose tool kit.


Make sure you’ve got some suitable mugs and bowls so you can have your cereal and coffee in the morning. Having your house kitted out with the best equipment is only going to make life easier to deal with, isn’t it? So make sure you have the cups there to keep your morale and energy levels high while you work through the new house!


Whether you choose to make this a TV or something to keep you entertained, but having some way to stay happy at home is very important. You might find that resources are going to be scarce as you pay for a new home initially, so setting yourself with the opportunity to have something fun to do when you first move in is preferable. Make sure you don’t go mad from boredom and get a nice TV or whatever takes your pick as a hobby to keep your smile large and wide!


Feature Image Source: Carla de Souza Campos @ Flickr

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