Top Budget Hotels in Singapore

Though often perceived that accommodations in Singapore are expensive, it is little known that there also are lots of budget hotels in the country, especially in its prime destinations. Are you planning to visit Singapore? Are you visiting on budget? Here we will list down our top picks for budget hotels in this island in the southeast of Asia.

Fragrance Hotel – Ruby – $53 and ups

Probably one of the most affordable in the city, the Fragrance Hotel – Ruby gets lots of positive feedback from those that have stayed and tried their services already. Visitors who plan to stay in this hotel can guarantee that the hotel has standard amenities most budget hotels offer: air conditioning unit, decently comfortable bed and good shower. Although situated at the red light area, reviewers would often comment that privacy in this hotel is assured. For visitors who would require an access to the internet, Fragrance Hotel – Ruby offers free wireless internet access at their lobby.

The disadvantage on the other hand, as most reviewers cited, is the hotel’s little rooms.

Perak Hotel – $102 and up

Closely located at the Little India, Perak Hotel guarantees its visitors with an excellent service. The rooms are clean and decently kept. As with other budget hotels in Singapore, the standard room amenities are met at this hotel: clean bathroom, comfortable bed and an air conditioning unit. It is a plus that Little India, a popular traveller’s district, is accessible from the hotel. The Perak Hotel is near an MRT station also.

Some of the disadvantages that reviewers cited was there were parts of the day where the area would tend to be a bit noisy due to the hotel being located at a busy street.

Hotel 1929 – $151 and up

A restored building situated at Singapore’s Chinatown, Hotel 1929 as reviewed by people who have experience staying in the hotel as “a hotel within a beautiful location”. Boasting of having a spotlessly clean rooms and helpful attendants, the Hotel 1929 is a place for someone who prefers to stay a place near one of the county’s most visited districts – there are no noticeable noise within the premises too. Standard amenities are also met in this hotel: an air conditioning unit, comfortable bed and free wireless internet access.

As with other budget hotels, two disadvantages that are commonly cited are its small bedrooms and bathrooms.


Feature Image Source: Khalzuri @ Flickr

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