Types of Medical Treatments

In this age of consumerism, people tend to easily get hooked on things that are currently trending. Tamagotchi was a hit to youngsters before but now has been replaced with the overwhelming number of online games and application that can be accessed through mobile phones and tablets in different models and brands. Before, gamers were already content playing in a family station but today, they can now play the newest online game through a PS3/4 with enhanced and advanced graphics and audio effects. Even in the food industry, the salted egg fad emerged and now chefs are reinventing new and creative dishes out from it. And the most recent one is on the beauty and wellness section where people are willing to stand in queue just to grab a tub of clay mask that is believed to get rid of both your white and blackheads instantly. The constant acquisition and development of goods and services have increased tremendously and these fast pace changes have caused people to go crazy causing them to easily jump to the bandwagon.

One of the things people are willing to pay for, nowadays, is on beauty and wellness. With the increasing rise to fame of different types of diet like ketogenic diet, south beach diet, raw food diet, and vegetarian diet and all the sorts of unbelievable results seen in television and the World Wide Web, more and more people are increasingly getting hooked into the lifestyle craze. Some even became passionate and even opted to a more advance level like medical and cosmetology.

Singapore, for instance, has become a new hub for medical research and cosmetic development. The growing number of regional distributors of medical & aesthetic equipment and cosmetic products in Singapore has attracted new clients from other Southeast Asian countries. Ranging from technologically advanced lasers, pulse-light, radiofrequency, skin tightening equipment, and skin analysis and imaging system, to weight management, rehabilitation and holistic exercise systems, medical equipment and cosmetic product distributors in Singapore takes pride of its innovative and effective solutions to your beauty and wellness needs.

With a team composed of skilled and experienced doctors, technicians and staff, the following are some of the medical treatment you can avail of.

1. Pain Management – The newest technology advocated today is called shockwave therapy. This method is proven to be effective for pain and movement management.

2. Anti-aging and Revitalization – One way to maintain a younger looking physique is undergoing anti-ageing and revitalization solutions like Syneron-Candela, Lasering Italy and EpiAce IPL.

3. Pigmentation –Skin pigmentation issues vary in depth and size. It is important to get the right kind of laser or light therapy for a better outcome.

4. Hair – When it comes to hair solutions, it is either you want it removed or you want regrowth. There are various laser hair removal and hair transplant solutions available to solve your hair problems.

5. Skin Disorders – Phototherapy and laser or light therapy is a new method to address skin disorders like psoriasis, vitiligo, eczema and dermatitis.

6. Surgery – There are now highly advanced surgical tools and accessories that customers can avail of like Ellman Radiofrequency surgical range, CO2 lasers and Brymill crysurgery.

7. Contouring & Tightening –Contouring and tightening procedures aims to reduce excessive fat or cellulite. This method allows improvement of the shape and tone of underlying tissue that supports fat and skin.

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