Types of Non-Surgical Eye bag Removal for an “Eye bag free” Look

“Did you do an all-nighter? Did you cry overnight? You look tired, what happened?” These are the common questions people ask you every single day because of those two big dark circles under your eyes. Even if you had enough good sleep, eating healthy diet and exercising regularly, these eye bags seem not to disappear. Aren’t you wondering why there are two visible big loads of bags under your eyes? Do you think it’s just natural to have one?

Eye bags are mid-swelling or puffiness under your eyes caused by aging, stress, water retention, hormonal imbalance or genes. While we often associate these hefty bags with constant crying and lack of sleep, the main cause actually is fat. The crying and lack of sleep only contributed to the severity of the condition. According to a dermatologist, with age, muscles weaken and can’t hold up the skin tightly; thus, the fat under the eyes starts drooping.

Doesn’t it bother you that you have been carrying such fat loads under your eyes? Aren’t you getting tired seeing your face looking like that every day? Would you want to look younger than before and get rid of those fats?

Well, this non-surgical eye bag removal Singapore will be your saving grace. The procedure removes fat from the lower eyelid without making any cut. There are several types of procedures being practiced nowadays. The following are some of the types of non-surgical eye bag removal that you can look into.

  1. Radio frequency or needle-based delivery of heat

The procedure involves the insertion of needles with radio frequency to the fats under the eyes. The multiple needles puncture into the skin and delivers heat, melting the fats. The melted fats sometimes form into Cysts but they can be removed surgically. However, at times, it may burn the skin and leave pigments leaving a permanent scar.

  1. Laser melting of fats

Like the radio frequency procedure, this method melts the fats causing swelling in the lower eyelids. Sometimes the swelling can be worse than doing an actual eye bag surgery and may also cause similar side effects.

  1. Scarless eye bag removal

Unlike other procedure, this type of eye bag surgery in Singapore targets the removal of the eye bags surgically through a small incision with the lower eyelid. Even with a small cut, this method doesn’t leave any car. Performed under local anaesthesia, the scarless eye bag removal procedure only takes as much as 10 minutes per eyelid.

  1. Eye patch therapy

Instead of doing a surgery, clients can also undergo eye patch therapy. Made from medical-grade, latex-free hypoallergenic material, the single-use stickers or patches instantly improve the appearance of the eyes by hiding and holding up excess skin. You can also apply make-up after applying the patches to the eyelid.

  1. Skincare Treatments

Skincare science can also do wonders to the hefty bags under your eyes. There are eye treatment products that are already available in the market.  Professionals want to help clients restore the young and fresh look on their eyes by targeting the fine lines, wrinkles, skin firmness, puffiness, uneven skin tone and dark circles.

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