Using Funds from Research and Development to Make a Long-lasting and Positive Change

grants for research and development

There are a lot of people who are oblivious to the fact that the world can be a dark, cruel and unpleasant place because they are sheltered inside their safety bubble and comfort zone therefore they never have to deal with the ugly side of life in these modern times and stare back at the pressing problems as well as the clear and present danger that most folks have to deal with on a daily basis. Wars are being waged left and right in different parts of the globe and there are poor families, orphaned children and lost souls who are left wandering the wasteland in despair because they have lost all hope and faith in humanity due to the fact that their fellowmen have failed and disappointed them time and time again. And that is why everyone should pick up the slack, rise to the challenge, accept their responsibility and accountability as well as unite under one banner so that they can all work together to solve the problems and predicaments that they face.

And that is why instead of channelling all of their energy, resources and manpower in the development of weapons of mass destruction that are specifically designed to drench the soil with the blood of their enemies, governments should focus their Israel R&D funding in looking for solutions to pressing issues that people face around the globe. First and foremost, since knowledge is power and the younger generations need to be given the chance to choose their destiny, live up to their potentials, pursue their passion and become the best versions of themselves, state of the art academic institutions and scholastic facilities should be built because this will help them get the formal education that they need. Learning from their teachers and professors as they sharpen their skills, improve their intellect and gain all the knowledge and wisdom that they need will certainly boost their chances of succeeding in their chosen careers someday as soon as they graduate.

Local government units and the leading companies of the private sector can also dole out small business grants to aspiring entrepreneurs who have excellent ideas, solid plan of action and brilliant business acumen because this will give them the big break and golden chance that they have always wanted. Instead of wasting the prime of their life stuck in dead-end jobs as corporate slaves, office lackeys, pencil pushers and desk jockeys, these people can start their own company and run their small business which brings additional revenue to their community and opens up a lot of job opportunities for their fellowmen.

Aside from building better schools and giving financial support to those who need it, people can use grants for research and development to create wonderful devices and instruments that will help protect the environment, save Mother Nature from the hands of greedy individuals as well as preserve our precious natural resources. They can look for different sources of clean and renewable energy, invent vehicles that are fuel efficient, make watercrafts that help clean up tons of garbage floating in the ocean as well as develop tools and heavy machinery that turn recyclable materials into something very useful.

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