Using The Marketing Funnel To Turn Visitors Into Leads

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Have you ever heard of the term Marketing Funnel? A Marketing Funnel is a consumer-focused model, which follows a users path in buying a product or service. In every kind of business there is a different version of the marketing funnel. On websites, a kind of marketing funnel used by businesses to track a user’s flow from visiting the webpage to turning into a lead/sale.

First thing you should remember in order for this to work, you have to understand your customer’s problem. Exposing your webpage through SEO, Paid ads, social media, blog, etc., can give you a leverage in attracting more visitors than your competitors. Show what your business can do and provide to visitors.

Discovering content is another stage wherein offering valuable content can make a user to stay in your page for a long time. A user’s focus now is to learn about your business, your product and your service. The goal is to get their interest that’s why content is important. They need to be usable, relevant, evergreen, or vital.

Once a user considers becoming a potential customer, it’s up to them if your product or service would their need. This is a crucial part in marketing. Conversion comes after when a visitor acquires something or sign’s up on your website. Thus, making your visitor, a lead.

Now that you’ve acquired a lead, you now need to build a relationship with them. A reliable SEO company can help support your website on increasing traffic because it gives your leads a chance to interact with your business and appear on search results. A good lead can go a long way. They can help you get more and more leads and traffic through link sharing via their social media sites or even the search engines pages.

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