What are the Top 5 Best Seller Western Food in Singapore?

With its rich history, Singapore has become a melting pot of culture. The city-state boasts a mixture of rich local culture and at the same time openness or willingness to accept diverse culture and lifestyles. This is the reason why Singapore western food is thriving. Singapore western food restaurants are abundant in the city state. From fashion to food, there is no doubt that the western culture has gained a following in Singapore.

Let’s talk about the Singapore western food. There are so many western food restaurants offering sumptuous dishes in Singapore. To give you a head start as you take your Singapore tour, let’s list down the most popular western dishes in Singapore that you should know. Enjoy!

Burgers – This list will not be complete without the mention of burgers. Yes, burgers are staple snacks in the west. In Singapore, it also enjoys popularity just like its western food cousins. The Brat, an Australian brand, has been voted as Singapore’s best burger in 2013 by Timeout Singapore. It is garnished with fried egg, thin rings of pineapple, bacon, tomato, lettuce, and 150 grams of Australian beef patty. It is meaty and savory, a trait of a typical burgers.

Steak – If you like steak, you can enjoy them in Singapore as well. Most western food companies have put up their branches in Singapore to cater to wider foodies. One of them is the Morton’s steakhouse. Aside from the international stature of Morton’s brand, it is also considered to be one of Singapore’s oldest steakhouses. Hence, their experience is unparalleled when it comes to steak. If you want a safe quality choice, go for Morton’s.

Breakfast extravaganza – If you are a fan of western breakfast, try the Hummerstons breakfast at Hummerstons restaurant located at Roberston Walk. The options include Truffle Scrambled Eggs, Egg omelette with goat’s cheese spinach and mushroom. Aside from the all-time favorite egg dishes, there are also bacon, pork and garlic sausages. It is also best to couple all of these with a hearty tea, coffee and fruit juices.

Pasta dishes – Pasta is a signature dish in western cuisine. It is popular in Europe and the United States of America. Western food in Singapore is lacking without pasta dishes in our list. Around the city-state, there are many hawker stalls which offer meaty pasta dishes. According to a review in 2012, if you want the best value for money pasta in Singapore, try visiting Saveur. Their angel-hair pasta, spaghetti like pasta with minced pork and sakura ebi dried shrimp, may be a good choice for if you are fond of western food.

Pizza – If we talk about pasta, it is also necessary to talk about pizza! In Singapore, there are a lot pizza parlor catering to the different cravings of locals and tourists alike. Bella Pizza on Robertson Quay, Pizzeria Mozza, Skinny Pizza are only few of the pizza places you can find around the city-state. You can choose from authentic Italian to a customized spicy ones fit for your asian taste and flavor.

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