What is EMBA?

Executive MBA otherwise called EMBA are programs tailored to suit professionals, typically executives or managers, etc. The aim is to meet the educational needs professionals have and offering them a platform to complete MBA, or other business oriented graduation courses within two years. They can take up these courses even while working full time and it has become very popular with professionals. Professionals who enroll come from distinctly different fields and organization ranging from charities, to federal government or private employees.

 Why Consider EMBA?

Though many do start their careers after completing their graduation, or Master’s depending on their career preference and aspirations, some don’t have the luxury to study what they wanted to and then look at career options. Besides, every job comes with perks and promotions and education does play a very important role in promotional possibilities. As a result, staying updated and upgrading alongside work is a great idea. This way, new scopes and possibilities arise not just with career progression, but also with pay scale. While there are many different courses, EMBA does have the ability to attract a lot of students. Why so? It’s a very flexible and practical course with a wide range of career options. Be it a person aspiring to lead, or a person aspiring to run their own company or a person having career goals, this course can come in handy.

Also, those who are employees today might have a dream of starting their own company. Or probably, a few careers though not related to management, might require business management skills. For example doctors, who might need management skills to run their hospitals better. Others might want to do such courses to improve their scope, to add the coveted MBA tag behind their names. Some love management and really want to learn it, for career or as a passion. Whatever reasons one might have, these courses are designed in a way they don’t hamper the regular routine of professionals. So anyone can consider taking up EMBA courses.

How is EMBA different from MBA?

As mentioned earlier, EMBA is designed with mid to senior level professionals, who intend to study while working full-time. However, they might not have the time to attend regular classes like what an MBA degree requires. Instead, by opting for EMBA professionals can upgrade themselves without having to quit their jobs. Unlike traditional MBA courses that gives more importance to core disciplines or business management, EMBA course assumed students are aware of the basics and just concentrate on developing skills that are required to survive and succeed in a complex, uncertain and competitive work environment. Since applicants are often working full time and have work experience, the classes are conducted during weekends to accommodate their work schedule. Over all, it’s a good option for all those who are currently working and really looking for a way to propel their career further!

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