What is the Crossfit Craze and What Can It Do For You?

These days, there seem to be one fitness craze after another and Crossfit is no exception. This is more than just a new fad—it’s a sensation. Who is participating? Everyone from kids and parents to hard-core athletes and it shows no sign of slowing down.

What is it?

Well first of all what it isn’t –new. This is a fitness training program used by the military, police, and tactical special ops teams as well as those in martial arts and other professional athletes. It is a highly concentrated fitness program that has caught on in the public sector like wildfire. Moms and really fit grandparents as well as teachers, firefighters and anyone that dares to try it from any walk of life is welcome.

What you can expect

You can expect to go at your own pace. Sure you’re going to see other people—including a mother of three lifting dead-weight over her head like it was her 1 year old—but you will also see elderly heart patients and middle agers pumping iron from beginner to advanced. Good Crossfit centers will certainly make you feel at home and like you fit in. Most don’t tolerate negative competition against each other. In fact, you may make some friends that will inspire you.

The point of it all is to challenge you up against you and only you. You are competing against yourself—period. This is the best motivator to stretch and do more. This is not a weightlifting contest for the heavy weight champion title. There are a few things a beginner needs to know before they go.

What you are eating means more than what you are lifting

When you engage in Crossfit you will get to know that your body needs protein and a carb balance. Protein is the key building blocks to repairing your muscles that will be torn and broken down into sore throbbing piles of flesh until you get used to it—but the strength and health you gain will certainly be worth every last minute of it.

Make sure you ask questions of your trainer

At first the weight lifting and cardio methods they use may be daunting. So this is what you are paying your trainer to take on. Your questions and clarification is the key to your success with this type of your Crossfit training.


Feature Image Source: Miss Wetzel’s Art Class @ Flickr

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