What Kind of Business Centre You Want?

When considering renting a serviced office, one would surely be on a lookout for one with the facilities which you would require in order to operate your business smoothly. It would be ideal to find a serviced office which already has those facilities available for you, and you would not need to pay extra to get those additional items fitted. Do consider the following when renting a serviced office:

1. A safe and convenient location

Being located in a safe district of the city would ensure that your business and your employees would be at lower risk of being a victim of crime. Being in a convenient location easily accessible by public transport would also be ideal, as it would be more accessible for your employees and customer/clients, making commuting to your office hassle free and convenient. Besides, it would save you time if you need to visit other offices, so having your office located within the business district would definitely benefit you.

2. Furnished office to accommodate staff and guest.

Your employees would need the basic furniture such as a table and chair in order for them to do their work. Hence, you would definitely need furniture in your serviced office. Look out for one which is already fully furnished, and is in move-in condition. You would be able to start work immediately upon shifting in, and you would not need to go shopping for more furniture, as you would already have the essential things you need to start operating.

3. A stylish and modern office

Your employees spend long hours in the office. Hence, your office needs to be nicely decorated, and have a homely feel to it, so that your employees would feel comfortable. Furthermore, a office where people would feel at home in, would help boost productivity at work. When your client/customers visit, they would also be amazed by the décor of your office, and would feel welcomed to your office when they visit.

4. Clean and functional bathrooms and kitchen

Your employees and customers/clients would definitely be turned off if they entered a faulty and dirty bathroom in your office. Also, a kitchen is where food is handled and prepared, so you would want to maintain good hygiene standards by having a clean kitchen. Be sure to check out the toilets and kitchen, to ensure that they are clean, well maintained and presentable. You would not want to be bogged down by additional repair and maintenance expenses, as these cost had already been included in your rental expenses.

5. Machines and equipments which are up to date

You would need basic equipments such as printers and fax machines in order to operate. It would not be desirable to have your machines breakdown halfway, affecting the operations of your business. As such, you would want to have a serviced office which is equipped with machines which are up to date, and well maintained.

This list merely points out the few basic things you should look out for when looking for a serviced office. There would be other things which would be important to you, but not mentioned here as well. Feel free to let us know your needs, and we would find a serviced office Singapore which would be able to suit your needs!


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