What to Consider When Choosing a Corporate Gift Giveaway

Corporate gifts are usually given as a form of incentive and appreciation to your employees. They play an integral role in ensuring your company’s success. Giving gifts to your employees send them the message that they are valuable part of the company. It motivates them to work harder and be more productive.

Before you plan the things to be included on your company’s giveaways you may want to consider some factors. Here are some of the things you need to consider when choosing a business corporate gift premium for your employees.


1. Functionality – First on the list is functionality. A giveaway can be measured by how functional it is to the receiver. Consider giving gifts that are useful for your employees so that it will not be put to waste. There a lot of things that can be functional to your employees: pens, planners, and even coffee mugs! You need to study the different lifestyles of your employee in order to get information on what they want or they need.

2. Value for money – The next thing that you should consider is value for money. Search for gift items that are economic – cheap, unique and high quality. Remember, you have to prepare tons of giveaways so you need to consider looking for items within the budget.

3. Trends – Be in the know of items that are popular and trendy. For instance, nowadays gadget accessories are very in-demand and well-appreciated by employees. They need it for their mobile phones, tablets, and music players.

4. Right occasions – Consider the occasion as well. There are type of gifts that are suitable only to a specific occasion. Most companies give corporate gifts during birthdays, anniversary of the company, Christmas and New Year. It is essential to take note of these occasions so that all are covered throughout the year.

5. Budget – Your budget is a significant factor in determining the type of corporate gift you will provide for your employees. You must know how much you want to spend for the items. Most companies who are generous give premium items to their employees. Others are contented in giving away simple things to save money. Either way, the important thing is to maximize value for money and always consider your employees.

6. Business policies – Some companies have business policies and regulations when it comes to giving corporate gifts. Always follow these policies so that no complications would arise.


All in all, remember to personalize your giveaways for your employees. Aside from the items, you can include a short handwritten note or letter for your employees. A personal note shows that you really care for them and appreciate their work.

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