Whether living in an old ancestral house or just transferred to your new home, there may come a point where you would be considering new home renovation. It could be because there are a lot of damages to be repaired, or you want to keep it looking new and rebuild it, or simply because you just want to give your house a new look and remodel it.

Whatever your reasons are, renovation is not an easy picky decision and should be given proper considerations and decision making. You would be shedding money for it aside for your own labor and time to consume. So before stepping into that decision, here is a guide to help you determine the right time to renovate:

Is it the right season?

As much as you want to start renovating your house, it is best that you also put timing to it. Create a timeline on your project and see if it would be until the rainy seasons. Need not explain why this season would slow down the process right? Christmas and New Year season is a bit slow for contractors so it could be the best time to ask for lower rates. You can consult someone into construction for the best time.

Are you ready for the expenses?

If this list is in order, this should be on top. Before actually planning on remodeling your place, have a second check on your finances. Is your bank account enough to compensate to it? Most importantly, though you may have the money, is this the right one to prioritize? It is great to have a lot of renovating ideas especially if you’re a new resident pretty much excited to start your Singapore home renovation. But where will these ideas take you if money’s limiting you?

Can you actually spare some time for it?

Okay so the season is great and your bank account is greater, but your calendar is full. Well if you’re not the hands on type, which is fairly not advisable, this shouldn’t be much of a problem. But it is best that you take charge of the project and be the main contact person as you’re the client that would eventually be living in that house anyway. Expect this home renovation to cause interruption to your daily routine. And be mindful as well of what you really want as you would be needing to supervise your contractors to fully achieve what you have envisioned in the end.

Do you really need to renovate?

And for the final question to be answered: Is it really that necessary? You have to thoroughly examine your house, is it that damaged? Or do you even need to hire contractors to fix the damage? You do realize that sometimes over fixing a little damage may lead to a much bigger need for repair, not just in homes but life in general.

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