Where To Eat In Singapore This Mother’s Day?

This Mother’s Day, one of the best ways to celebrate with the family is to munch on good food and share the dining moment together. You may want to consider your mom’s favorite cuisine or dishes when planning on where to eat, as a thank you to your home’s Wonderwoman. If you are in Singapore and you would like to choose among which restaurant you would like to treat your mom, do check out some food blogs Singapore or consider this good list of places to go to:

The Jewel Box

If you want to date your mom to a romantic restaurant then The Jewel Box at Mount Faber Park can be an option! There is so much to do here, from cable car rides, retail shops, five restaurants and bar concepts, your family will definitely have a good time. The dining room gives a great view of Singapore. You can wine and dine at Sky Dining, or celebrate with the wide selection of food and drinks at Faber Bistro.

Relish by Wild Rocket

Keep it casual and have a burger date with your mom and kids. Relish by Wild Rocket at Serangoon Garden is one of Singapore’s favorite burger joint. You may want to consider having lunch here to appreciate the natural light from the glass panels around the place. Their burgers cost fourteen to eighteen dollars with added quality and good taste! If you’re not in the mood for some patty, you can also go for other comfort food like pasta, soup, braised beef or fish fillet.

Club Street Social

Situated at Gemmill Lane, off Club Street, this Italian inspired place would definitely not disappoint. This chic restaurant and bar is a great place for casual conversations with your mom. It has an industrial interior with the brick walls and hanging lamps that would somehow make you feel at home. They also play good and upbeat jazz music that combines the mother- child taste in music. You may start the early morning of Mother’s day here and try their all day breakfast meals.

Saveur Restaurant

The Saveur (pronounced ‘sah-vur’) Restaurant in Purvis St. is another popular choice for a great Mother’s day dining experience. If you’re mom is into French cuisines and would like to keep it casual and on the budget, Saveur Restaurant would probably first in the list. The place was established by chefsDyland and Joshua, who are both professionally trained cooks. and would really want to serve French cuisine at an affordable price. You would also want to bring your family there early or reserve ahead of time as the queue of customers is long, yup it’s that good!

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