Why Is Singapore One of The Best Vacation Spots in Asia?

Singapore may actually seem smaller than the rest of the tourist spots in Asia, but it definitely offers a lot more of what you may normally think, and is considered widely as one of the best vacation spots in Asia. There are different things to do depending on your preference, which is why a lot of people from all over the world come to Singapore for either business or pleasure.

Compared to most Asian countries, Singapore is most popular for having one of the lowest crime rates in the region. It’s a great sign for backpackers and other adventurers who would want to immerse themselves more on the sights of Singapore. To walk safely and without any restrictions (except for littering, of course) is something you can enjoy in the city.

Singapore has also been a melting pot of different cuisines, thanks to the diversity of cultures composed of Malays, Indians, Chinese and others. One of Singapore’s pride are the famous food hawker stalls, like the old Singapore Food Trail and the modernized hawker centres at Bukit Timah Road and Raffles Quay.

Staying in one of the best boutique hotels Singapore is considered norm, as there are a lot of great choices for travelers to check out, especially for families and couples alike. Some recommendations are Wangz Hotel and Forest by Wangz, Naumi Hotel and more. Be amazed with different room designs, spacious rooms and friendly accommodations for both travelers and those who prefer to go on a staycation.

Lastly, Singapore hosts some of the greatest and most historical of events, like the annual Formula 1 Race and different back-to back concerts at Resorts World Sentosa and Marina Bay Sands. It’s really a wonderful experience to getaway in the lion city. Discover Singapore and know yourself why it is indeed one of the best vacation spots that Asia has to offer.

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