Wise Guides to Buying Home Furniture

Furnishing the home can be an enjoyable experience as we get to liberally use our creativity as we piece together different furniture that will give character and comfort to our family and occasional house guests. However, the risk of impulsively buying one furniture piece to another may leave you buying stuff you don’t need or worst, of bad quality. Here are some wise guides to buying home furniture that you need to be mindful of:

  • Never buy furniture without examining the finish first: It’s easy for us to feel elated and overwhelmed when see something pretty from a distance. And some of us make a mistake of buying the furniture without looking at all its sides and corners. “Examine the Finish.An even, rich, and deep paint or stain finish should not be used to camouflage flaws. If the finish is translucent, it should be even and the grain should show through; if it is an opaque finish, the consistency should be even, never bubbled or showing brush strokes. Wicker and rattan pieces should be smooth without splinters or ends sticking out, and weaves should be tight and uniform and never clogged with paint,” shared the article Furniture Shopping 101 posted at bhg.com. Jenna, who loves buying home furniture in Singapore, shared how she did not notice her newly delivered coffee table is full of cracks, “I had it delivered a day after I saw it in the store. I paid the delivery guy in full only to find out that the one delivered is full of cracks. They replaced the coffee cable but it was just too much of a hassle. I should have checked everything first before sending out the delivery guy. It’s bad that the store did not even bother to check first if the one they are delivering has the same quality as the one I saw on their displays, but one my part, I should have been more critical as a wise buyer. Never make the similar mistake.”


  • If you are to buy a sofa, make sure to know the necessary measurements: Wide, thick sofas seem to be great if you want to accommodate everyone in the family when they are all hanging out in the living room, but is your floor space enough to take in the length of the sofa? Wesley, who bought a sofa furniture online in Singapore, made a mistake of buying one without taking into consideration the measurement of his flat, “I had to return the blue sofa I bought online because it wouldn’t even fit in my front door. It was a big lesson for me not to be too impulsive and carefully plan everything before making an online purchase. The article of Abe Abbas titled Guide To Buying Furniture posted at thespruce.com shared, “A sofa is one of the most important furniture purchases for your home, so before you buy a sofa make sure you are getting one that fits your needs. A sofa that is perfect for your living room could be a terrible idea for your family room. First, figure out how you want to use your sofa and who will be using it. Determine whether your sofa is a good fit for your space and since there are sofas to fit any style of room, look for one that satisfies your own personal sense of style. The fabric youselect for your sofa contributes immensely to its usability and beauty. Just as when you buy any furniture, you should be confident that you are buying the best quality sofa for your budget, and that it offers you the comfort you need from it.”


  • Utility first above anything: You may have splurged in buying 10 wall paintings but failed to buy a necessary kitchen cabinets because you’ve maxed out your credit card. This often happens when we think of aesthetics first more than what the home really needs. Shairmaine, who buys furniture in Singapore mostly during the month of December when she gets her Christmas bonus, shared, “I used to always buy decors and ornament but I realized I lack certain things around the house that the family really needs. Like, we have a lot of wall decors in different rooms but we don’t have enough beds for the children so the big ones end up sleeping on a bunk bed still. Now, I check first what we need before I even buy another costly curtain with beautiful patterns, which became my obsession since I have been to the beautiful homes of some of my successful friends who always had those curtains you see only on home magazines. While you can buy furniture for both its use and style, you must always prioritize the former because after a while, you will realize what a waste it was to buy another, say, floor lamp that you don’t even use.”


  • Take advantage of the art of detailing: As the article titled Choosing the Right Furniture & Décor for Your Home posted at amishoutletstore.com said, “Use detailing to your advantage. Once you have an idea of the furniture you want in your space, think about adding some accent pieces in similar styles and colors to bring the place together. The right lighting, curtains and soft furnishings can add extra style and warmth to your room.”

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