Wonders of Memory Foam Mattress

Generally, balance between comfort and support is the most important character of a quality bed mattress. Firm mattresses provide the most ample back and neck support but they can be too uncomfortable to get any good rest or sleep. They can also cause unnecessary stress on pressure points in the body which can lead to bone misalignments and pain. Soft mattresses on the other hand are very comfortable and help suit the body’s natural curves and movement and give that good quality sleep. But in the long run, they lack necessary support and can cause joints to twist, lead to bad posture and inevitably, pain, discomforts and even injuries.

Traditional bed mattresses, or coils or inner springs mattresses named as such since they are actual spring and coils inside soft paddings are sturdier and generally more durable and do not deform easily due to coil or spring. However, the coil and spring also adds stiffness to the mattress and are often uncomfortable.

This is why newer orthopaedic mattresses are fast becoming popular alternatives to traditional coil or spring mattresses. There are of course numerous types of orthopaedic mattresses depending on material. There are orthopaedic mattresses made from natural latex, microcoils and gel-infused foam which provide adequate comfort and support.  In fact, they have been proven effective  against various types of injuries that they are also being used in other applications such as cushioning in helmets and shoes, support in prosthetics products to prevent pressure ulcers, seating pads for people severely disabled individuals and even as extra paddings for space suits.

But perhaps the most popular orthopaedic mattresses is the memory foam.  These memory foams, especially those which were made by top quality mattress brands, have become the fastest-selling material for bed, pillow and mattress in Singapore today.

Memory foams are mid-range, orthopaedic, premiere mattresses that have ergonomic properties and mold to the body in response to heat and pressure and therefore evenly distribute body weight to avoid unnecessary stress in areas where weight often concentrates during sleep. Compared to spring mattresses, memory foams returns to its original shape once pressure is removed. Memory foams therefore provide a balance between comfort and support as they are neither too firm for to get sufficient comfort and nor too soft to lack adequate neck and back support.  Memory foams are malleable and evenly distributes body weight to avoid unnecessary stress in areas where weight often concentrates during sleep. But this does not mean memory foams are very soft foams but rather they are made from “viscoelastic” polyurethane foam or low-resilience polyurethane foam which are durable while also having the ability to return to its former shape once pressure or heat is removed hence the name “memory”.

Memory foams in Singapore has 5 years longevity with minimal loss of support and is made up of certified organic and natural components. Compared to spring mattresses, natural memory foams also do not contain metals. Since memory foam conforms to the body contours, it eliminates negative space and is ideal for proper spine alignment, eliminates numbness and soreness. And since it evenly distributes body weight, it also helps in increased and better blood circulation. Due to the balance of comfort and support it provides, memory foams also reduces sleep interruptions due to sudden aches or muscle strains which people often get from traditional coil or spring mattress or other stiff materials.

Whatever type of mattress you’ll be choosing, whether you’ll buy memory foam mattress or spring, do not forget to always consider your needs. Do not just buy a certain mattress because it said to be the “best”. The truth is, a mattress is not like a “one size fits all” product because people do have a lot of differences in our sleeping needs. The best thing you can do is to clarify what features you need your mattress to have and do your research so you can equip yourself with knowledge about mattress types before you go to a mattress shop.

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